Literary Services


Provides comments and suggestions aimed at improving your work, including notations regarding common, on-going grammar and composition errors.


Corrects grammar and punctuation, offers better word choices, corrects spelling, calls out passages that are wordy, awkward or unclear, shows you where to expand or condense material, etc.

Comprehensive Edit

Provides comments and corrections on all aspects of your work, from character development to plot structure, from use of dialogue and description to pacing and setting… and much more.


I will write your book, fiction or nonfiction, based on your ideas, research, character sketches, outlines, rough drafts and other input. It will be yours, not mine.

Books by Megan Davidson

Book Reviews

Megan Davidson's The Thundering is an endearing tale of how one woman's life can be completely altered and enriched through her contact with broken humanity. The conflict is multidimensional and masterfully developed, the characters compelling, and the plot complex and interesting with sudden turns and unexpected surprises. Read more.

Romuald Dzemo Readers’ Favorite

I loved this book. Loved. It. I don't know what I else I could say to adequately describe how fantastic author Megan Davidson's new work is. Her character development skills are second to none. She has written characters, especially Joseph and Cathy, that the reader will truly come to care about and will think about long after the book is finished. Read more.

Tracy A. Fischer Readers’ Favorite